Prague Wind Quintet

Jan Riedlbauch, flute, Jurij Likin, oboe, Vlastimil Mares, clarinet, Milos Wichterle, bassoon, Vladimira Klanska, horn

To: Concert Presentors:

The Prague Wind Quintet is organizing a concert tour of the United States starting in New England on February 12, 2000 and ending in the Midwest on March 6, 2000. We would be very happy to help you present this fine ensemble in your concert series.

The wind quintet is an ensemble of Czech origin. Beethoven's one time colleague, the Czech flutist and composer Antonin Reicha, invented this format and wrote 26 quintets which set the standard.

The year 1998 is the 70th anniversary of the Prague Wind Quintet. The original quintet was established in 1928 by the oboist and long-time permanent conductor of the Prague Symphony Orchestra Vaclav Smetacek (1906-1986). The quintet was reorganized in 1968 with new members.

The ensemble has long given concerts throughout Europe and the USA. They have recorded entensively. It has received critical acclaim for its instrumental mastery and unique feeling for style. The quintet gives definitive interpretations of all the classics of the literature, but contemporary music forms a significant part of its repetoire, because composers have written many compositions for them after hearing one of their performances.

This is an opportunity to present an absolutely first class ensemble at a very modest cost. From the press reviews, you will see that audiences and critics receive them very enthusiastically.

The Quintet can also give master classes, giving American musicians the opportunity to be exposed to the passion and discipline of the Czech style.

To send an email message about engaging the Quintet, [click here] or call 1-419-825-2200.

Prague Wind Quintet

Jan Riedlbauch, flute studied at the Prague Conservatory and later at the Prague Academy of Music with Frantisek Cech. He was a member of the National Theater Orchestra for ten years. He is now a professor at the Prague Conservatory. He is active as a solist and with chamber music ensembles Quintette 74, Ensemble Martinu, Grand Duo Concertante (with guitar) with concerts in Europe, USA, and South America. He also writes poetry.

Jurij Likin, oboe was born in 1967 in Minsk, Belorussia. He studied at the Lycee Musical and then the Minsk Conservatory. He later worked with Maurice Bourge in Paris and in Prague during the Mozart Year. He was the solo oboe of the Minsk Philharmonic for six years. Since 1994, he has been solo oboe of the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the new Prague Chamber Philharmonic, Jiri Belohlavek, conductor.

Vlastimil Mares, clarinet studied at the Prague Academy of Music. He has been a winner of several international competitions (Poznan, Markneukirchen, Prague, Paris, Rome). He is solo clarinet with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and also very active in chamber music and as a soloist and conductor. He is a professor at the Prague Academy of Music.

Milos Wichterle, bassoon studied at the Prague Conservatory and later the Academy of Music with Karel Pivonka. He has been a winner of the competitions of Prague Spring, Poznan, and Markneukirchen. He was solo bassoon with the National Theater for several years and is also very active in chamber music and as a soloist.

Vladimira Klanska, horn studied at the Prague Conservatory and later the Academy of Music with Vladimir Kubat. She is a winner of the Munich ARD competition and has been solo horn with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. She is hornist and manager of both the Prague Wind Quintet and the reknowned Czech Nonet. She is very active in chamber music and as a soloist. She has made several recordings as horn soloist.

Press Criticism

Repertoire, VII, 1994
"Grace, charm, persuasive force, consummate instrumental technique" - the Prague Wind Quintet displays all these superlative qualities. The ensemble's internal balance, the perfection of its tone, the freshness and beauty of its tonal nuance as well as the purity of its style, are all stunning.

La Notte, 1994
The Prague Wind Quintet played at Stresa, joined by pianist Cristina Ortiz. This outstanding ensemble displayed both a gentle tunefulness and a lyncal tension. But their incredible bravura, technical perfection, and their puriy of sound which were truly divertimento, really burst forth in the works of the French composers, especially the Poulenc.

Salzburg, 1994
A perfect interpretation - a heartfelt bravissimo! for these intrepid artists of sound from Prague.

Sudkurier, 1994
An extraordinary concert took place at the castle on the island of Mainau. In the Prague Wind Quintet the numerous concertgoers were treated to a world-class ensemble. These musicians succeeded in electrifying the public with their virtuosity and stirring expressive force.

Repetoire, 1995
Perfect homogeneity, wealth of colour, the almost demonic lightness of execution, rhythmic purity and suppleness of nuance of this wind ensemble surely place them among the very best in the world.

Repetoire, 1995
These inexhaustible musicians from Prague glowed with the full brlliance of their reputation. All five individuals displayed not only their virtuosity but also an extraordinary homogeneity. At the same time the individual voices stand out with an absolute freedom and autonomy which endows theit interpretatlon with a quality Lhat is altogether unique. Everything is accomplished with such enthusiasm, energy and passion on the instrumental plane, that their persuasive force is absolutely assured.

Vogtlander Anzeiger, 1996
These wind virtuosi executed their program with a light touch and thrilled the public with their artistry. The astounding homogeneity of the ensemble may be attributed to the artistic perfection of the individual members, their long-term collaboration, musical energy and their identification wlth the compositions.

Frankenpost, 1996
It was a musical Midsummer Night's Dream with its lightness of touch and elan, its powerful expressiveness and subtle musical feeling, the Prague Wind Quintet cast its spell on the summer evening.

Karlsruhe, 1996
The Prague Wind Quintet - supreme virtuosi, full-blooded musicians.

Examples of Programs

1. Divertissements

Mozart: Divertimento No. 14 in Bb, K.70 (1770)
Beethoven: Quintet in E flat, op. 16 (1796)
Paul Hindemith: Kleine Kammermusik op.24/2 (1922)
Darius Milhaud: Cheminee du Roi Rene op.205 (1939)
Claude Debussy: Petite Suite

2. The Vienna-Paris Axis

Mozart: Divertimento No. 8 in F, K.213(1775)
Mozart: Quintet for piano and winds K.452 (1784)
Roussel: Divertissement op.6
Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin
Poulenc: Sextet for piano and winds (1932-1940)

3. La Rose des Vents d'Europe

Antonin Rejcha: Quintet in G op. 100/6
Gyorgy Ligeti: Six Bagatelles
Nielsen: Quintet op.43 (1922)
Malcolm Arnold: Three Shanties (1952)

4. Bohemia Today and yesterday

Karel Stamitz(: Quartet in E major op.8 no. 2
Adalbert Gyrowetz: Serenade
Antonin Rejcha: Quintet in e minor op.88/1
Martinu: Quatre Madrigaux trio d'anches H 266 (1937)
Leos Janacek: Youth (sextet) (1924)

5. Hommage a Francis Poulenc

The complete works for piano and winds (Trio, Sextet, 3 Sonatas, Elegie)

6. Music of Russia

Mikhail Glinka: Trio pathetique (1832)
Anton Rubenstein: Quintet for piano and winds op.55
Alexandre Tansman: Danse de la Sorciere (1923)

7. Music of France

Georges Bizet: Jeux d'enfants (G.Davies)
Maurice Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin
Gabriel Faure: Suite de Dolly
Jacques Ibert: Trois Pieces breves (1930)
Darius Milhaud: Cheminee du Roi Rene op.205 (1939)

Partial Repetoire

Malcolm Arnold: Three Shanties
Samuel Barber: Summer Music op.34
Ludwig van Beethoven: Quintet for winds and piano op. 16
Sylvie Borodova: Les Enclumes du Temps pour piano, clarinette, basse et quintette a vent
Frantisek-Xaver Dussek: Parthia in A
Franz Danzi:Quintet in G minor op. 56/1; Quintet in F op.56/3; Quintet with piano in d minor
Roger Desormiere: Six Danses du XVI siecle
Petr Eben: Quintet
Horst Ebenhoh: "Divertipentephonien"
Helmut Eder: Quintette II "Begegnung"
Ferenc Farkas: Ancient hungarian dances from XVIIth century
Jindrich Feld: Quintet
Oldrich Flosman: Quintet II.; Sonate pour piano et quintette a vent
Bohuslav Foerster: Wind Quintet op.95
Jean Francaix: L'Heure du berger; Quintette
Mikhail Glinka: Trio pathetique (v.o.)
Adalbert Gyrowetz: Serenade
Josef Haydn: Divertimento in B flat
Paul Hindemith: Kleine Kammermusik op.24/2
Ilja Hurnik: Esercizi; The Four Seasons
Karel Husa: "Recollections" for piano and wind quintet (1982)
Jacques Ibert: Trois Pieces breves
Vincent d'Indy: Sarabande et menuet op. 24 (1885)
Leos Janacek: Youth, wind sextet (with bass clarinet)
Viktor Kalabis: Little Chamber music
Ctirad Kohoutek: Spring Minutes (Minuty jara)
Isa Krejci: Quintetto
Max Laurischkus: From Lithuania
Viktor Kalabis: Little Chamber music
Gyorgy Ligeti: Six Bagatelles
Bohuslav Martinu: Sextuor H 174 (1929)
Darius Milhaud: Cheminee du Roi Rene op.205; Suite d'apres Corette; Divertissement en trois parties op.299b; Sonate pour flute, hautbois, clarinette et piano op.47 (1918)
Mozart: Divertimento no.8 KV 213; Divertimento no.14 KV 270; Quintet for winds and piano K 452
Carl Nielsen: Wind Ouintet op.43
Jan Novak: Concertino
Francis Poulenc: Complete works for piano and winds
Maurice Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin (arr.)
Antonin Reicha: Quintet in E minor op. 88/1; Quintet in E flat op.88/2; Quintet in D op. 91/9; Quintet in E flat op. l00/3; Quintet in E minor op. 100/4; Quintet in B flat op. 100/6
Vaclav Riedlbauch: Allegri e pastorali (1976) avec clavier
Antonio Rosetti: Quintet in E flat
Gioacchino Rossini: Quartets (6) for wind (1829)
Albert Roussel: Divertissement op. 6
Anton Rubinstein: Quintet with piano op. 55
Jan Rychlik: Quintet (1960)
Lalo Schiffrin: New Orleans
Florent Schmitt: A tour d'anches op. 97
Arnold Schoenberg: Wind Quintet op.26
Pavol Simai: Cartoons; "Bridges" sextet for piano and winds
Ladislav Simon: Dessins a la plume
Karel Stamitz: Quartet in E flat op.8/2
Paul Taffanel: Quintet in G minor
Alexandre Tansman: La Danse de la Sorciere
Henri Tomasi: Variations sur un theme corse
Vaclav Trojan: Quintet on popular Czech themes
Heitor Villa Lobos: Fantasia concertante (1953)
Jan Dismas Zelenka: Sonates en trio (1723)

Recent Recordings

Francis Poulenc Centenary Edition (Vol. 1)
Sextet for Piano and Wind Quintet (1932-40)
Violin Sonata (1943-49)
Elegie for Horn and Piano (1957)
Oboe Sonata (1962)
Clarinet Sonata (1962)
PRAGA DIGITALS PRD 250 109 (& Harmonia Mundi)

Tribute to Jean Francaix
Wind Quintet No. 1 (1948)
L'Heure du Berger (1947)
Wind Quintet No. 2 (1987)
Le Gay Paris (1974)
PRAGA DIGITALS PRD 250 12 6 (& Harmonia Mundi)

Antonin Reicha: 3 Quintets (op. 88/1, 88/2, 91/9)
MATOUS K 0006-2131

Ibert: Trois pieces breves
Milhaud: Cheminee du Roi Rene
Francaix: Quintet
Poulenc: Sextet
Josef Hala, piano

Samuel Barber: Summer Music, op. 31
Gyorgy Ligeti: Six Bagatelles
Paul Hindemith: Kammermusik, op. 24 No. 2
Carl Nielsen: Quintet, op. 43
PANTON 81 1288-2131

Hummel, Gounod, Bernard

Krommer: Partitas (Octets) op. 67, 69, 77