Without a title

C. P. GOLD inc.

2065 West POSADA

MESA, AZ 85202

January 1996

Messrs A. A. McCollurn, Chairman

and Keith Faber, President

Greenway Environmental Services, Inc.

644 E. Southern Avenue, Ste. 110

Mesa1 Ari~ona 85204



Your company has engaged me to conduct a Review Appraisal on the property known as J.F.K. College in Wahoo, Nebraska, the legal description of which is Lots 1 through 8 inclusive, Kennedy College Subdivision on to the City of Wahoo, Nebraska and the North half of Block 1 and all of Block 2, Dickinson's addition to the City of Wahoo, Saunders County1 Nebraska.

As stated by you, my mission was to review carefully the appraisal dated September 30, 1988 as prepared and submitted by L. W. Hensrud, conduct such independent verification as I deemed appropriate, suggest any modifications to his findings as were indicated and report the results to you.


Research of the County Records reveal that title to the aforedescribed property is vested in Greenway Environmental Services Inc., a Nevada Corporation, that there is a First Deed of Trust in the amount of $500,000 recorded in favor of Thomas J. Widlar, a single man, plus a construction lien placed thereon by the city of Wahoo in the amount of $3,406.12 and that county taxes for the year 1994 in the amount of $5,201.56 plus interest are delinquent.


The demographic data in the Hensrud report remains generally accurate with the exception that modest growth in population amounting to approximately 9-10% has occurred since it was written. However, the following comments, gleaned from local banking and municipal sources should be noted as they have a significant impact on the value of the property if it is converted into the suggested uses. Included in these findings is the fact that Wahoo has an aging population. Farmers retiring create a housing demand as yet unfulfilled. Additionally, because of its small town character, including its virtual crime free environment, Wahoo provides a desireable area for retirees from nearby Lincoln and 0n'aha. The College campus is only 2 blocks from a good general hospital whose professional staff is augmented by weekly visits by specialists from both Lincoln and Omaha. These include Cardiologists, Opthomologists, Orthopedic surgeons as well as others. Furthermore, the new expressway bypassing Wahoo will be directly accessible from the Campus, making commutation time to or from Lincoln and Omaha even shorter. All of this augurs well for converting the existing campus facilities into a complex designed to serve the needs of geriatric housing and care. These facilities should include a nursing home, a congregate living unit and some high density retirement quarters.


The Hensrud report is thorough. Values derived are justified. Rep1acement costs as tabulated in his "Cost Approach" analysis, however, should be increased substantially because of the inflation caused by increased costs of labor and material. Thus, the $2,954,908, if a factor of 5% per year is employed, would increase by $1,034,217 to a total of $3,989,125. No attempt has been made in this review to question the Hensrud findings as they relate to comparable sales. There really aren't any. Therefore, his resultant figure of $2,950,000, which is not adjusted for inflation will be accepted as reasonable. The Income Approach as derived by Hensrud, in view of prevailing costs is considered low. It too, must be revised upward by a factor of at least 25% or $900,000 for a total of $4,500,000. Added together and divided, the final resultant figure equals $3,813,941. This is considered a conservative current value of the property and its improvements.


This reviewer has no present or contemplated interest in the subject property nor is my fee predicated on my findings.

Thank you for permitting me to serve you.



James R. Phipps





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