Utilities-Municipal Service

Electricity: The city of Wahoo retails electricity in the city. Wahoo has its own 9eneratin9 stdtion. The transmission systea is 34.5 KV from NPPO substation to city of Wahoo substation. The size of the lines are 4/0 ACSR aluminum, 10,000 KVA capacity, and l0,000 KVA transformer capacity. The distribution system as #2 copper to 360,000 MCM aluminum lines consisting of primarily voltages of 12,470-7, 200-2,400. Wahoo has 6 KW capacity of 14,305 and a KW peak demand of 8,400.

Natural Gas: Natural gas is distributed in the community by Cengas, a division of Minnesota Gas Company, with general offices in Minneapolis, MN., and district offices and regional offices in Columbus. The Northern Natural Gas Co. is the supplier.

The present pressure of the pipeline serving Wahoo is 450 pounds, which is reduced to 7 to 10 pounds in the distribution system. Natural gas, with a BTU value of 1,000 is present1y available for domestic, commercial and industrial uses.

Other Fuels:

LP Gas- Propane is available at Farmer's Union Co-op and Skelgas in Wahoo for all residential. commercial and industrial uses.

Oil- Oil is available in Wahoo for all residential, commercial and industrial uses at Conoco1 Farmer's Union Co-op, Phillips 66 and Standard.

Water is available in good quality and industrial quantities.

Sanitation: Wahoo has a municipal sanitary sewage system and a storm sewer system. The sewage treatment plant activated sludge-accelerated aeration type, was built in 1966. Daily capacity of the treatment plant is 750,000 gallons. The average daily flow is 400,000 gallons.

Garbage Disposal: Privately owned garbage removal services are available in Wahoo. Residential customers pay a monthly charge of $5.00 for weekly service. Rates to commercial customers varies depending on the service requested.

Municipal Government: Wahoo, a second-class city, has a mayor-council form of government.

Fire Protection: Tire protection is provided to the community by forty-six volunteer firemen. The department also mans the rural fire district's equipment in providing protection outside the city limits. There are 136 fire hydrants in the community. Fire insurance classification inside the city limits of Wahoo is 6, and outside the corporate limits it is A-B.

The app1ication of a Housing and Urban Development grant has been made in the anticipation of a new fire hall. The new water tower facilities now provide water storage capacity of 750,000 gallons which was a drastic improvement in water pressure and capacity for fire fighting.

Police Protection: The city of Wahoo employs six full-time policemen who are uniformed. Equipment in the police department consists of two patrol cars, which are radio and radar equipped. The vehicles are also equipped for emergencies. It is estimated that $144,000 is spent annually for police protection, for twenty-four hour a day. 365 days a year. The sheriff's office is staffed by the sheriff and six deputies. It is equipped with four cars. There are also four reserve deputies. Police/sheriff's patrol  provide patrol and protection to existing industries. The nearest State Patrol office is in Fremont, 25 miles northeast of Wahoo,

Streets: There are 31.10 miles of streets in the community, 28.90 miles are hard-surfaced with concrete. Ninety five percent of the streets have curbs and ninety percent have sidewalks. Street maintenance equipment includeis a street sweeper,an Austin-Western grader, four dump trucks- some with plows attached, a caterpillar wheel loader with 1 3/4 yard bucket,2 tractors, 2 army surp1us trucks with plows attached, a 1974 1/2 ton Ford pickup, a snow blower, and a sand/salt spreader.

Local Zoning CIassifications: Agriculture district, Residential district Multiple family residential district, residential office district, Highway commercial, Light commercial district, Central business1 General commercial district, Industrial park district, Light industrial district, Heavy industcial distrIct, Parking district, Flood plain district, Flood fringe district, and Commercia1 park district.

Planning: The planning commission consists of nine members. The members of the commission serve a three-year term of office unless reappointed. It is the commission's duty to make and adopt plans for the physical development of Wahoo, including any area outside its boundaries which. in the commission's judgment, bears relation to the planning of Wahoo.


Assessment Ratios: Valuation of taxable property are determined by each county assessor on the basis of the following elements: (1) earning capacity of the property, (2) relative location, (3) desirability and functional use, (4) reproduction cost less depreciation, (5) comparison with other properties of known or recognized value, (6) market value in the ordinary course of trade (greatest emphasis is placed on this factor) ,and (7) zoning.


Wahoo is averaging nearly 12 newly constructed houses per year and has a 75% home ownership rate. In 1979 and 1980 there were 76 apartment units constructed in the Wahoo area. Average monthly rents range from $300 for a house and $330 for an apartment. The average cost of a new home in Wahoo for 1980 was around $60,000. Tne following maps show the existing land use and future land usage in the city of Wahoo.

Schools: The Wahoo School System consists of:
Level Type Grades Classrooms Students Teacher/
Elementary Public K-5 18 269 1/15
Sterling Elementary  Parochial K-8 9 169 1/17
Middle School Public 6-8 11 110 1/10
High School Public 9-12 24 276 1/12
High School Parochial 9-12 13 198 1/9

Wahoo is served by school district no. 39, which includes the city of Wahoo and an irregular area extending northeast, northwest, and south of the city. The land area encompasses approximately 50  square miles. It is a class 3 district including grades K-12. The school is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Col1eges and secondary schools as well as the State of Nebraska.

The 1980 assessed valuation is $24,557,010 and has a total mill levy of 44.63 mills which inc1udes levies for bonded indebtedness on the Elementdry addition constructed in 1964 and the new middle schoo1/high school occupied in the fall of 1976. The public school system is pledged to provide opportunities for all young people to attain their fullest educational and human potential. In keeping with the national trend toward broadening educational service for the handicapped, the area of special educution offered by the district has undergone considerable expansion.

Adult education is the response by the school district to make its resources and facilities available to the adults of the community. Better use of leisure time, and the individual desire of self improvement by the adult community are needs which the district will strive to continue to serve within its capabilities. Programs are offered through the Southeast Community College which has campuses in Milford, Fairbury and Lincoln.

Wahoo is served by educational service unit #2 which is based in Fremont. Services available include the areas of special education  guidance, consu1tative services, the instructional media center, and administrative services.

In addition to the public schools, Wahoo is served by a Catholic school system which includes St. Wenceslaus grade school and Bishop Neumann High.

Colleges, Universities, and Vocationa1 Schools
located within 100 miles
College City Miles
Midland Co1lege Fremont 25
Concordia College Seward 25
 Me. Wesleyan University Lincoln 30
Union College Lincoln 30
 University of Nebraska/Lincoln Lincoln 30
 Creighton University Omaha 40
 College of St. Mary Omaha 40
 University of Nebraska/Omaba Omaha 40
 Bellevue College Bel1evue 50
 Dana College Blair 58

Southeast Nebraska Technical Community Colleges
Campus City Miles
Lincoln Lincoln 30
Milford Milford 40
Fairbury Fairbury 90

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development offers a unique program for new or expanding plants in Nebraska. They assist a plant in training new workers to meet plant requirements and production schedules at little or no costs to the employer.

Hospitals: The Saunders County Community Hospital is located in Wahoo.They are a 30-bed facility with 4 physicians associated with the hospital. There are 2 clinics in Wahoo with one located next door to the hospital. There is a1so a dental clinic with three dentists located in Wahoo.

Nursing Homes: The Saunders County Care Center is located next to the hospital with a covered passageway for transporting patients. This ICF nursing home is a 74-bed unit and Haven House nursing home located 1 1/2 blocks from the hospital has an additional 75-bed capacity. It is also an ICF facility. Both nursing homes offer full time care, both medical and personal. for aged and physical1y needy.