Recreation: Wahoo has four parks. Facilities include tennis courts, swimming pool, ball park, softball diamond, picnic areas, and playground equipment. There is one unsupervised playground near the elementary school. Facili:ties in this playground include ball diamonds, swings, slides, etc. A new hiking trail has just been completed in one of the parks.

Wahoo has facilities for:

Golf: one private, nine hole golf course with grass greens and a clubhouse.
Bowling: one bowling alley and ten lanes.
Swimming: Municipal swimming pool.
Hunting: county-wide hunting includes pheasant, deer, quail, rabbit, and water fowl.
Tennis courts: tennis courts are in the city park and in northedst Wahoo; one court at each location and plans include two more courts.
Fishing: Memphis State Lake and Branched Oak State Recreation area are both within 30 miles of Wahoo and provide excellent fishing, boating, boating facilities at Meonis State Lake, Branched Oak and the Fremont State Lakes.
The Wahoo Civic Center is open to the residents of Saunders County on a membership basis. Membership entitles you to use the game room, weight room, whirlpool, and gymnasium.

There are many activities available to all ages at the Civic Center. These include adult volleyball, youth and adult basketball, youngsters floor, hockey, ballet, baton twirling, preschool and youth gyrnnastics. Community theatrical performance are put on in the Civics Center to bring entertainment to the whole family.

Local annual celebrations are the Fourth of July celebration, 4-H Fair1 and RCA Rodeo.

Summer recreation programs include baseball and softball programs for youngsters and adults and there is a red cross swimming-program.

The Parks and Recreation director is also the director of the Civics Center, and he is under the supervision of the Parks and Recreation board appointed by the mayor.

Churches: The churches in Wahoo consistof the following denominations;

Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyter ian.
Library: Wahoo has a Public Lbrary with many books records, a collection of big print books for people with sight problems1 inter-library loans, films for organizations, a collection of current publications and newspapers1 and a copy machine available for public use. The hours they are open include two mornings, six afternoons, and four evenings, making the library open to everyone's convenience.

Communications/ Commercial Services

Wahoo is provided telephone service by tbe Lincoln Telephone Company (2,053 urban and rural customers). Wahoo has a weekly newspaper (4,700 subscribers) plus delivery of the Omaha World Herald, The Lincoln Journal and Star, and the Fremont Tribune.

Radio Stations in the Wahoo vicinity include KFAB, KOIL, WOW, and KHUB. Television in Wahoo includes 5 stations plus cable television.

Commercial services include two machine shops, a tool and die service, an electric motor repair service, 3 motels and hotels (27 rooms capacity), two banks ($36,300,000 in assets), two savings and loans ($25,537,000 in assets), and a Chamber of Commerce.


Although Wahoo's relationship to the two comparatively close metropolitan areas has always been apparent, historically Wahoo has served basically as a service center for the surrounding agricultural areas The proximity of Omaha and Lincoln has been both an asset and a liability. A significant amount of the growth in Wahoo can be attributed to its accessibility to these metropolitan areas and has resulted in employment opportunities through commuting. On the other hand,, the goods and services offered in the metropolitan areas has forced an adjustment in the composition in the commercial facilities in Wahoo. It is anticipated that a closer relationship will result between Wahoo and the larger urban areas in the future. Wahoo has the opportunity to provide the desirable small town atmosphere with the accessibility to extensive recreation and commercial facilities. All of these circumstances contribute toward a continuing growth of Wahoo. Specifically, these opportunities for Wahoo include considerable expansion of industrial and manufacturing activity.