In the last five years, there has been a push to small group homes for many causes. Some of these include criminal releasee programs, mentally retarded, detention centers, general health care, and treatment centers outside of hospitals.

The following study by L. W. Hensrud Consulting Service indicates that there is a potential for a treatment center in the subject buildings. The campus setting, and general slow moving area, would appear to support this theory. However, several points are made as the buildings relate to other above mentioned uses:

1. The multistory nature of the buildings would restrict potential health care to non-mobile persons.

2. Conversion costs of the subject buildings are generally high. However, the buildings are structurally sound, and somewhat flexible.

The conclusion is that the potential use of the buildings is very adequate. The cost to convert to not appear prohibitive.

Site Description

The land has access from three of four sides. The Locust Street South access is utilized most frequently as a small concrete drive which extends to Sycamore Street that allows automobiles to park conveniently on the street and leave the campus via this private drive.

Access to the east is also gained by this private road off Sycamore Street. Access to the north is via a sidewalk and large open area which could be converted to parking lot.

Building to land ratio is approximately 25%, which is good. An adequate sidewalk system allows persons access to all buildings. The sidewalks are in need of moderate repair, and laid out in such a manner that they add to the beauty of the campus.

The land is sloping with excellent water runoff. Approximately 100 varieties of mature trees can be found on the very scenic campus.

A tennis court is located on the grounds, as is a full-sized football field located behind the gymnasium.

Although parking is currently adequate as the property is being under-utilized, a full fledged operation of the proposed use would require additional parking area.

Building Descriptions

The following building descriptions are adequate for the purpose or this report as the final use of the bulk of the property has not been determined. Note that building #7 which has been remodeled includes a before and after conversion description of the improvements.


A facility that is ideally located between Lincoln and Omaha. The once John F. Kennedy College is in the center of the fastest growing areas in the rnidwest. Each a progressive and innovative city, Lincoln and Omaha have major renovation and construction projects underway. Omaha, located on the Missouri River, has new downtown building, park and mall projects underway that are to exceed the 625 million dollar mark. Lincoln, the state capital and winner of the All American City Award, has similar downtown and haymarket projects to exceed the 100 million dollar mark. Each has multi university carnpuses and several community colleges, along with a complete variety of major transportation services.

Beatiful Campus offers unique court yard area for beauty and peaceful tranaformation between each or the buildings.

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A fine brick structure that was formerly used as the resident home for the John F. Kennedy College. The six (6) bedroom residence home is located on the south-west corner of thr grounds which is entered from Locust Street.

Partially finished full basement 1,760 sq. ft..
Straight dry walls
2 stall walk-in garage
forced air heat and central air.

First floor 1,760 sq. ft.
new kitchen 11.8 x 20.
new carpet throughout
entry, hall, 2 bedrooms, formal dining room, 1/2 bath and living room with woodburning stove.

Second floor 1,760 sq. ft
8x16 hall,
5 x 8 full bath
master bedroom 16 x 13
3 additional bedrooms and sewing room 7 x 7.9

Third floor approximately 810 sq. ft.
living epace finished
fire alarm system.

OPINION: This residence is in excellent condition with new floor coverings throughout, natural woodwork, new air system, and new kitchen. This all brick home was built in the 1920's.



A large structure featuring brick exterior and built-in bleacher for multiiuse of the building. Athletic field is directly behind the facility. A new roof was recently installed on the building.

The gymnasium with classrooms and dressing rooms is located in the center west edge of grounds, parallel with athletic field. The basement is 6,850 sq. ft. amd has locker rooms and dressing rooms with showers. Also in the basement is the boiler room, storage rooms and laundry.

The first floor has 11,600 sq. ft. The day1ight gymnasium with built-up bleachers is on the east side and a raised stage with paneled lighting is on the west side of the tounge and groove hardwood floor.

The second floor has 4,000 sq. ft., with large classrooms with special 1ighting and water.

OPINION: Thid brick building was built in 1951 at masonry walls and steel joists, with a built up roof. The interior is painted concrete block and terrazzo halls and steps. The mechanical system is self contained hot water. Structural1y excellent.



A Quality Constructed steel building adjacent to the Gymnasium & Library.

This former dining hall and food service area is located on the northwest corner of the grounds. The first floor is only 5,760 sq. ft., has gutted kitchen, bathrooms, and meeting areas, unit heaters with air conditioning. The foundation is slab on a grade.

OPINION: This prefabricated insulated metal building was built in 1972. The roof is steel and the building is on a slab. The interior is wood paneling. This unit is structurally excellent and would need viny1 floor coverings and new kitchen to be ready for occupancy as food services building.



A Quality steel constructed building located between the dining hall and former large dormitory.

The former library is on the north side of the grounds toward the west end. The first floor has only 8,300 sq. ft.. Theone large main room is flanked on the west end by 2 classrooms 24 x 28 ft. and east end and one 32 x 20 classroom and some small file rooms.

OPINION: This prefabricated insulated metal building is on a slab with a grade. The roof is prefabricated metal panels. The interior walls are wood paneling and is commercial carpeted. It has a roof top mechanical heater and air conditioning. 80% to 90% of the building is unobstructed. This building would be classified as above average in condition.



A large structure featuring concrete and brick construction for long lasting and affordable maintenance.

The former dormitory is located on the east edge of the grounds. The basement includes several different rooms. The boiler room extends out beyond the proper of the building so the square of this basement is 4,980 sq. [sterling]t. It is a daylight basement. There are 30 dormitory rooms with sinks on the top 2nd and 3rd floors. There are shower: facilities at the end of the halls. The lst floor holds living quarters and large living or reception room with showers at the end of the hall. There are also classrooms and more dormitory rooms with sinks.

OPINION: This brick exterior has masonry walls, with concrete joist, concrete post and beams, and is roofed with built up roof felts. The interior is plastered ceiling and walls with hardwood floors. The building has a self contained hot water system and new fire alarm system. The condition of the building would have to be classified less than average condition.



The unique old chapel features character and adds a unique air to the campus

The chapel is located in the southeast corner of the grounds. It has a new full basement of 1,500 sq. ft. The main floor of chapel is 1.500 sq. ft., the mairi chapel was moved in from a rura1 area nearby.

OPINION: This chapel is of wood framing and joints with wood siding and composition shingles. It has forced air and new wiring with conduit. The building is in very sound condition and the rating would be average.



Currently in use for the Camel Center, this building is constructed of brick and masonry. It is easily converted to a variety of uses.

This former dormitory is located on the south edge of the grounds toward the west edge. All three are 3,960 sq. ft. and have centrally located gang toilets. There is a house apartment and activity room.

OPINION: This building was built in about 1955. The materials utilized for this facility are of above average quality and are brick on masonry walls, concrete joists, interior concrete post and beams with a built up roof. Interior walls are glazed tile with plaster ceilings, vinyl and quarry tile flocrs. It has self contained hot water. There is grade access to both the 1st and 2nd floors. This facility has to be graded as above average.




General Description:
3 level brick building
Approximate date of construction: 1955
Remodeling description: See the following.
Total area of the building; 11,340 sq. ft.
Finished area: Each level has 3,780 sq. ft.
There are stairs at each end of the building. There is no elevator.


Footings and Foundation: Concrete-frost-3 ft. trench.
Basement-garden level.
Floor Structure: Concrete slab on grade-lower level. Concrete reinforced flooring 2 upper levels.
Construction of exterior walls: Brick
Finish of exterior walls: Brick
Roof structure: Steels bar joists with metal decking with 2 in. insulation.
Roof cover and condition: Built up tar and gravel. The roof is reportedly to be redone in the remodeling of the building.
Gutters: Style, grade of qua1ity, and condition:
Casement windows: steel construction, fair to average.
Entry doors: normal commercial wood and glass.
Plumbing features: Large common bath on each floor, plus a small private bath on lst floor in former house-mother's apartment. Heating: hot water heat-boiler. Gas or oil. Oil is stand-by (optional) with 1,500 gallon tank.
Air conditioning: None
Electrical: Original 400 amp service. Adequate except for air conditioning
Insulation and energy efficiency: None noted. Potentially the building has good potential for solar passive heating. Large number of south front windows could use passive units or roof units.

Interior Finish
General description of interior use:
Lower level: 9 sleeping rooms. 1st level: 8 sleeping rooms. 2nd level: 15 sleeping rooms
1st level has a house mother's apartment and small office.
Lower level is a boiler room.
Lower and lst level have a game or community room.
Interior partitions: Tile walls or drywall. The sleeping rooms are divided by wardrobe units.
Ceiling finish: Tile original
Wall finish: Paint or tile
Floor finish: tile
Other features: Fire alarm system
Anticipated use: see following


The building is structurally sound. The condition is average at this time. The lack of air conditioning detracts. The building is good for use in a business as proposed. This building has been completely renovated and is in a condition that would permit immediate use were the proposed business in mind suitable to the physical lay-out.


The building has been converted or updated as follows:

1. New roof covering.
2. Interior painted.
3. New ceiling covering installed.
4. Addition of passive solar panels.
5. Updating of boiler.
6. Division of rooms as follows:
All rooms have 2 beds each.
Lower level: recreation room and lounge, boiler room, maintenance office, and 8 sleeping rooms.
1st level: Offices for counselors, director. receation room, and limited eating area. Meeting room and detoxification rooms with 2 beds each.
2nd level: 14 sleeping rooms, and a lounge for staff. Total beds is 50.
7. The building has been inspected by the State Fire Marshal's Office, and the State Department of Health.